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It is not possible to get a complete 8 hour sleep every night. Commitments towards career and family take a toll on sleep and keep us sleep deprived during the major part of our lives. Sleep deprivation directly hampers cognitive abilities, digestive system, brain, nervous system and also give rise to health threats like high blood pressure, cancer and also Alzheimer’s. Sleep deprivation has reached to be more of an epidemic with many young population of the US where more than 40% of them are not getting enough sleep and suffer from sleep apnea and excessive day time sleepiness.

Once in a while dozing off is not a big deal but sleep deprivation has been responsible to a number of fatalities, accidents and also joblessness. In layman’s language the person’s quality of life is degraded and also destroys his social and personal life to a large extent. Many times sleep deprivation in pilots and train drivers there were mishaps and plane crashes. Generic provigil is a drug which is used for an effective treatment for sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy and excessive day time sleepiness. The drug specializes in prevention of falling sleepy or drowsy which is taken before you are going to work or starting your busy day. Shift workers are highly benefited with this drug as it helps them to adapt to the changing shift timings without much hassles as their mind is able to concentrate with the help on this drug.

Though provigil was considered to use as an antidepressant, but its discovery as a nootropic or smart drug was a turning point helped individuals to juggle between their busy schedules without feeling drowsy or falling asleep during their busy hours, this drug is also known as modafinil.

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Action Mechanism of Modafinil

• How provigil works is not clearly defined or concluded but the it seems to work by blocking the sleep inducing hormone production in the brain. • Buy provigil pills because it works on majority of sleep disorders like sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, snoring, excessive day time sleepiness and many others.
• It helps to extend wakefulness in individuals by inducing alertness and vigilance while they are at work
• There is an ample supply of oxygen in the brain that helps to keep the mind sharp and active throughout the day
• It is often used as an antidepressant to deal with personality problems especially stabilizing the moods in anxiety attacks and bipolar disorders.

Benefits of using provigil

• Buy Provigil, it's for adults who are suffering from sleep apnea and day time sleepiness so that it helps them stay sharp and alert
• It is also beneficial for even new mothers who have a hard time taking care of their babies at night and also stay active during the day and are sleep deprived most of the time. Modafinil is the biggest help for them to stay active even during the day.
• The nootropic medicine is said to improve cognitive abilities which are hampered due to sleep disorders, act on the brain cells to refresh them and get rid of fatigue and tiredness felt during the active working hours.
• Career commitments and late night working for a higher perks and pays can often leave individual get out of the bed early, hence for those provigil can work on a great deal to deliver speeches, work effortlessly actively in office without dozing and also to concentrate in the conferences and meetings.
• Generic provigil shows remarkable effects on jet lag also. If you are having no time to rest because of jet lag, buy provigil online to help to stay active in spite of your tiring on board journey.
• Buy provigil if you are sleep deprived and have work to complete without any option, you can take it before you start your day and stay active, cheerful and work continuously without getting tired till the end of the day.
• Improves motivations, mental activity and performance and focus during work and helps to get rid of fatigue and excessive tiredness.
• Our online provigil prices are extremely low as compared to other online pharmacies and the local pharmacies. The quality, composition, FDA approved and the effect being the same.
• You can order provigil online over the counter and there is no prescription needed and you are sure to stay sharp and active for more than 20 hours a day.

Dosage and Administration of Modafinil Pills

The smart drug is available in 100mg and 200mg strengths which you can take as per your prescription. Only one pill a day is the recommended dose and not more than that which is to be taken before you start your day or shift to maintain your alertness and higher mental activity during your working hours.

Precautions before taking Modafinil medication

• Avoid taking generic provigil if you are allergic to it or sensitive to its effects
• Modafinil concentrates in breast milk is still unknown inform your doctor before prescribing if you are nursing mother or pregnant.
• Modafinil is not for children and only for adults above 18 years of age
• Take the pill only in the morning before you start your day as it will keep your wide awake and alert the whole day
• Let your doctor be aware of your medical history before he prescribed you for modafinil pills if you are having heart related diseases, high blood pressure, cardiac diseases and depression
• Let your doctor if you are taking antidepressant or on any other medication before taking provigil.
• Do not abuse the drug and should not be taken with alcohol or after taking alcohol.
• Remember your each dose and avoid overdose of the medication at any cost.
• Older citizens especially above the age of 65 years may suffer from sleep apnea or narcolepsy but they need to consult a doctor before they get themselves prescribed with the smart drug for any health problems.

Side Effects of Modafinil

• Headache
• Soreness and dry mouth
• Nausea
• Depression or anxiety
• Dizziness or drowsiness in rarest cases
• Difficulty in falling asleep

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