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Is your slumber disturbed with frequent awakening at night or staying awake the whole night? We always speak of how poor sleep kills us slowly as a slow poison. As the consequences of the dangers caused by lack of sleep is far more than any other problems. Frequent waking up during the night or difficulty in falling into slumber for a long period of more than 3 months is a clear symptom of chronic insomnia. Not having enough sleep is not just hampering the functioning of mind and body but also responsible for death through fatal mishaps. More than 55 million Americans are victims of mild or chronic insomnia, some may have diagnosed the symptoms and hence have a get a written prescription for the treatment of insomnia while the rest stay undiagnosed for a long time. Insomnia is common in older citizens but now it is more prominent amongst the younger age group where women tops the position as most suffered from insomnia. Buy lunesta over the counter sleeping pills the best to calm your brain and nerves for sound undisturbed sleep. Physician and clinicians are sure of how the medicine works for treating insomnia and difficulty in falling asleep. Depression and suicidal tendencies are also pointing towards insomnia. Though a sleep test is quite an expensive affair hence taking a treatment directly for insomnia is more feasible. The generic version of eszopiclone is a cheaper option to deal with sleep problems which is highly effective and same as the original one available without a prescription. The problems of insomnia are on a widespread and hence they are identified with the

following most common signs:

•     Irritation and frustration in the day time.

•     Not feeling refreshed or rejuvenated in the morning after waking up

•     Having difficulty in having deep sleep

•     Waking up at night very frequently

•     Having falling asleep again after waking up

•     Waking up too early in the mornings

The sleeping pills of eszopiclone is quite particular and unique treatment for sleep disturbance that millions of patients are benefited with the effects of the drug that showed remarkable and positive effects of safely inducing sleep in insomnia patients.

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Action Mechanism of Lunesta Pills

The complains of not falling asleep is best taken care of by regular doses of eszopiclone that has said to have treated insomnia quite easily and have satisfactory results amongst patients. It is not an easy task to manage problems of sleep disorder while this drug is an effective way to simplify the herculean task of dealing with non sleepiness. This medication has a hypnotic and sedating effect on the brain which is why it helps insomnia individuals to feel drowsy and finally fall asleep. Though it is a non benzodiazepine it has a hypnotic effect on the brain cells to induce sleep. This is a short term treatment for insomnia and should not get habituated with sleeping pills. This drug works as an 8 hour drug that helps to give a sound sleep to the user. Though it is a must that the user must complete his or her 8 hours of night’s sleep to avoid drowsiness of the drug in the morning.

Benefits of lunesta sleeping pills

• The best way to deal with sleep problems like insomnia over the counter eszopiclone pills that has a positive effect in inducing deep slumber in insomnia persons without many side effects.
• The drug taken works within an hour of ingestion as it gets quickly absorbed into the body and works on the brain to influence sleepiness
• You can buy eszopiclone even for chronic cases of insomnia and wakefulness.
• It is a short term treatment because once you start using eszopiclone you will start feeling sleepy also without its use, though if you are not having any effect with the use of lunesta then contact your physician for further treatments.
• You can use lunesta for not falling asleep for various other problems such insomnia because of accidents, surgery pains, loud sound or music, old age and depression
• You can be assured of a sound sleep for next 7-8 hours

Dosage and Administration of lunesta sleeping pills

The eszopiclone pills should be strictly used only for treating sleep disorders and should not be abused. Hence it is taken once right before going to bed and not earlier than that as it is quickly absorbed into the blood stream and acts on the brain quickly. Hence only one pill at night is enough along with water only.

Precautions to be taken before taking eszopiclone pills

Since lunesta is a hypnotic medication it is very much important to read this paragraph before you take lunesta:
• Keep the sleeping pills away from toddlers and kids
• Keep a watch on how many doses you have taken, in short you need to have only a dose a day because it has the capacity to induce slumber approximately for 8 hours
• Avoid taking this medication if you are hypersensitive
• Let your physician know if you are pregnant, or planning a pregnancy or you are breast feeding before you start taking eszopiclone pills.
• If you have a medical history of depression and bipolar disorders let your doctor know about it before he prescribes you with lunesta pills.
• Avoid dependence or getting habituated with the drug
• If you have liver or lung disorders let your physician know about it before you start taking this medication.
• Do not take it during your active working hours it will make you sleepy and cause accidentals or fatalities.
• Avoid taking it with the combination of alcohol.
• Zopiclone is not for less than 18 years of age.

Side effects of lunesta pills

Generally all the medications have their respective side effects and some are listed below:
• Feeling nauseated or feel like throwing up
• Unpleasantness, dryness in the mouth.
• Headaches or malaise
• Lack of sexual desires, menstrual problems
• Dizziness and day time sleepiness.
• Rashes and itching are very rare side effects seen.

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