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Armodafinil is basically a (-)-(R)- enantiomer of the racemic drug Modafinil. Cephalon Inc. is the pharmaceutical company that produced this drug. The Food and Drug Administration of United States approved this drug in June 2007. Armodafinil is more effective than Modafinil because despite having similar half lives, Armodafinil touches the peak blood concentration later after administration than that of Modafinil. It improves wakefulness better in people who complain of excessive somnolence during daytime. This medicine is used for sleep apnea treatment.

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Action Mechanism of Armodafinil

It has an unknown mechanism of action. It is pharmacologically very similar to Modafinil, that is, a mixture of R- and S- Modafinil. Adrenergic drugs like amphetamine and methylphenidate work similarly to Armodafinil. Hence, they have same kind of wake-promoting actions. It is an indirect agonist of dopamine receptors. Dopamine transporters bind to it and hence prevent dopamine reuptake. It is easily absorbed orally. However, it is insoluble in aqueous solutions, so the absolute oral bio availability could not be estimated.

Benefits of using Armodafinil

• It can treat excessive somnolence which is caused by narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is actually a medical term which means excessive sleepiness during day time.
• Sleep disorder caused due to shift work can also be treated by Armodafinil.
• For people working in awkward shifts who find it tough to sleep when they are supposed to sleep and remain awake when they ought to remain awake, It is a good drug of choice.
• Obstructive sleep apnea can be treated by Armodafinil. It is used in addition to other breathing devices and as an adjunct to other treatments.
• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, and major depressive disorder are some of the conditions in which it can be used.
• It increases your focus, attention and concentration, instilling a feeling of well-being in you.

Dosage prescribing Information for Armodafinil

• If you are suffering from narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea, 150 mg or 250 mg Armodafinil should be taken once every day in the morning. Documentation has not been done regarding the fact whether more than 150 mg dosage can lead to more advantage.
• For patients with shift work sleep disorder, 150 mg should be given orally once daily before one hour is left to the beginning of the work shift.
• The dosage has to be properly adjusted under medical expert advice if the patient has hepatic or renal damage.

Precautions needs to be taken while using Armodafinil

• Every drug has to be taken, following certain precautions. It is not an exception.
• Before you take this drug, inform your physician and pharmacist if you have allergic to Modafinil, Armodafinil or any similar medications. Make sure you inform them of any untoward events that have occurred in the past because of such medications.
• If you are an alcoholic, make sure your doctor knows this fact. Apart from this, your doctor should know if you have indulged in drug abuse in your past. Do not indulge in any alcohol abuse or drugs while you are on this drug.
• Tell your doctor about chest pain, irregular heartbeats or other cardiac problems.
• Talk to him if you have had an heart attack.
• If you take vitamins and other nutrition supplements or herbal products, inform your doctor regarding the same.
• If you are on oral contraceptives or hormonal pills, inform your doctor. Moreover, if you are suffering any rings, patches, injections implants, and other intrauterine devices, make sure your doctor knows about it. It decreases the efficacy of the birth control pills. Therefore, you have to cease these drugs to make it work.
• In case you are planning a pregnancy or you are in your gestation period, let your doctor know about it.
• If you are also breast-feeding, do inform your doctor.
• In case of an accidental pregnancy while this medication is going on, check with your doctor as soon as possible.
• When you are supposed to undergo a surgery, don’t forget to inform the concerned doctor about this drug.
• Even if your dentist suggests a dental surgery, inform the dentist about this drug
• It is a drug that affects your ability to judge and think. Besides this, it also causes dizziness. This is why you shouldn’t drive car or even operate any machines while you are on it. In case you plan to start driving, inform your doctor beforehand about it.
• Even if you feel more focused and attentive, do not drive without letting the doctor know about it.
• If you have the complain of high blood pressure or a mental illness like mania, depression or psychosis, don’t forget to inform your doctor before you start taking it.
• Make sure that you inform the doctor if you are using any anticoagulants like warfarin, anti-seizure medicines and sedatives like Diazepam.
• Do not indulge yourself in any overdose. It may cause restlessness and lead to disorientation, confusion and nausea.
• Make sure no one else takes your medication, since it has to be taken under medical supervision. Keep a note of the number of tablets left so that you can figure out if any tablets are missing.

Side-effects of Armodafinil

The side effects induced by Armodafinil may include the following symptoms
• It can cause dizziness, headache, or constipation.
• There may be difficulty in falling asleep or might be in staying asleep.
• The patient may find it difficult to concentrate or be attentive.
• It can lead to unmanageable shaking of any body part.
• It can also cause either dry mouth (xerostomia) or thirst.
• You feel numbness, burning sensation or tingling in the hands or the feet.
• Some patients also complain of pain in the stomach and loss of hunger.
• Frequent urination can also be a side effect.
• Some of the serious side effects are weakness, hallucinations, depression and anxiety.
• It can also cause blisters, rash, mouth sores, peeling skin, itching and hives.
• Swelling can be seen on the face, hands or legs.
• Hoarseness and difficult breathing or swallowing is also a serious adverse effect.
• Some patients are so much affected by the drug that they even think of killing or harming themselves.

For ordering Armodafinil online, you just have to log on to online pharmacy store and get the medicine delivered at your doorstep. However, if you plan to take this medication for extended periods of time, it is recommended that the usefulness of this drug is regularly assessed. Moreover, blood pressure should be regularly checked in patients with hypertension. Adequate and proper handling of this drug has led to the best results in narcoleptic patients and in inducing wakefulness.

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