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Modafinil is the most hyped and popular cognitive enhancer and helps a person to be alert, focused and vigilant by keeping drowsiness and fatigue away. It is a drug that specifically promotes wakefulness and is widely used in the treatment of narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder and sleep apnea. It has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of such conditions and is very helpful in these cases. Since it promotes wakefulness, it also increases the levels of energy and vigilance. People with excessive daytime sleepiness often resort to this pills.

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Action Mechanism of Modafinil (Provigil)

The exact way in which Modafinil or Provigil functions is not known but it is believed that this pills has wakefulness promoting actions which is similar to that of sympathomimetic agents like amphetamine. It affects the alpha1 adrenergic receptors and the resultant stimulatory effect further results in the decrease in norepinephrine uptake. The changes in the neurotransmitter levels affect areas in the brain and promote wakefulness and cognitive abilities. The autonomic nervous system is also stimulated and the energy levels are increased.

Benefits of using nootropic pills Provigil (Modafinil)

• It is very helpful in sleep apnea treatment and is widely prescribed to cure the excessive sleepiness associated with it.
• It is the best known medicine in narcolepsy treatment and is very effective.
• It is used by a number of students and night shift workers who find it difficult to keep awake during that duration. It has helped them to keep awake and focused in their work.
• It helps to reduce fatigue levels and increase energy and vitality.
• This pills increases alertness, concentration and such cognitive functions. People find energy and enthusiasm in work and they remain focused and goal oriented.
• You can buy modafinil (provigil) very easily from any local pharmacy or even get it from online pharmacies at best prices.

Dosage & Storage Of Provigil Pills

Dosage instructions are very important for every medicine as every medicine needs to be taken at the correct dosage. Taking a medicine in an increased dosage or taking it more frequently doesn’t help a situation but further worsens it. It leads to overdose and causes adverse reactions in the patient.
• Take the medicine as prescribed by your doctor. Always follow the doctor’s instructions regarding how much should you take and when.
• Usually, for narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea patients, Modafinil 200mg tablets should be taken orally in the morning to kill daytime sleepiness all throughout the day
• In case of shift work sleep disorder, 200mg pill must be taken an hour before the shift starts.
• Do not increase or decrease the doses on your own. According to your body’s response and metabolism, the doctor may decide whether to increase or decrease the dosage.

Precautions while taking Provigil (Modafinil) 200 mg pills

• Provigil pills must always be taken only after medical consultation.
• The doses of the medicine must be administered only by a physician keeping in mind your heath, metabolism and medical history. Do not self medicate and decide your own doses.
• Do not increase or decrease the doses on your own without consultation with a doctor.
• In case of allergic reactions from the drug, discontinue it and contact your doctor immediately.
• Do not use the drug if you have prior knowledge that you are allergic to it. Consult with your doctor about your history of allergies to know further.
• Consult with your doctor regarding your entire medical history to determine if you are safe from this medicine. Many vulnerable health conditions prohibit the use of this drugs. Usually people with very high blood pressure, kidney disorders, heart problems, history of recent heart attack and stroke, liver patients should stay away from this medication.
• Birth control pills, patches, implants and IUDs may not work properly due to effects of this drug. Use other forms of contraceptives like condoms, diaphragms, etc. to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
• Be careful while driving or operating any machinery.
• Stop taking the provigil tablet when you are asked to avoid dependency.

Side Effects of Provigil pills

Along with the benefits there may be some unwanted side effects too arising from Provigil (Modafinil). That is present for every drug and many patients suffer them in mild form; some face them in severe form while some do not have them at all. Some of the side effects caused by this pills may not need any medical attention. They are mild in nature and temporary. They go away as soon as the body starts to get adjusted to the effects of the drug. If they keep on persisting and take a turn for the worse, in that case you must consult a doctor. These side effects symptoms include:
• Headache
• Anxiety
• Nausea
• Back pain
• Nervousness
• Diarrhea
• Dryness of mouth
• Stuffy nose
• Stomach upset
• Vomiting
• Indigestion
• Heart burn
There are some side effects that need immediate medical attention if you start experiencing them. These should not be neglected at all. Such symptoms include:
• Chills and fever
• Chest pain
• Unsteadiness
• Black stools
• Depression
• Aggression
• Sore throat
• Unusual bleeding
• Blurred vision or other vision related problems
At times overdose of the medicine may produce several adverse side effects. In such a case immediately contact the nearest medical help to avoid further risks to life. Symptoms of overdose are:
• Fast heartbeat
• Pounding of the heart
• Increased blood pressure
• Sleeping problems
• Agitation

User Reviews For Nootropic Drug

I was diagnosed with CFS 18 years ago. When it gets really bad, I have major cognitive problems, memory loss, confusion and my speech even becomes more simple (small words less educated). I've been on modafinil (provigil) for over 6 years. I had to slightly up my dose about 3 years ago. I can hold a job and function well provided I don't overdo it. My brain just "clicks" better again. I feel closer to normal. Slight side effect of nausea similar to morning sickness for about 3 hours after taking is well worth the benefit

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